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xxastrozombie was founded in April of '07 by heartarmor. And while I did have a co-owner at the time (famouslstwrdsxx), she kind of just left me hanging. So I opened up a maker application and found 4 very talented graphic makers: levresdetrompe, usuck_kthx(who no longer posts here, but still deserves a shout out), goldbrokenheart and exorcise. Here at xxastrozombie, you can find graphics from a ton of different fandoms/bandoms. From television icons to anime and manga icons, we have it here. So feel free to peruse the tags to see if we have something you'd like!

makers and examples;

heartarmor; jess, 20, texas.

thisisthetake; tayla.

exorcise; claudia.


goldbrokenheart; jackie.

resources and links;
Resources for heartarmor can be found here.
Resources for exorcise can be found here.

tags||memories||affiliate post||maker application

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